Wardroom Renovation Project – Update # 12


It’s been a while…

Covid Schmovid…..Enough said.

The project completion date has now been pushed out to the end of September for obvious reasons. The end is nigh and with a fair wind we should be ready for opening day.

The fun parts have begun now. Fitting the new gear and finishing stuff.

The plumbers have begun the installation of the bathroom fittings today with this set to continue into next week. Installation of architraves, skirtings, doors, dado etc has also begun in earnest. The final bracing of the eastern wall and lining should be completed by the end of next week with this being the last major piece of building work required. As per usual, while on the final trip to the building’s inner sanctum, in this area, we uncovered another leaky pipe or 2. Luckily these have been easy fixes.

Oh and by the way – the carpet has been laid. This has been mostly covered up again for protection while work continues in the wardroom. Yes I know,  – why is the carpet not being laid at the end I hear you ask?  The answer is simple. In the current environment we get shit done when we can.

There are a few hold ups with supplies out of Auckland. e.g. The toilet partitions. The result of this is that we might have to go with open plan bathrooms for a while. I’m sure we will all get used to it.


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