Racing Programme

RPNYC Almanac
Lola Stays Rum Races

6pm Friday evenings for as much of the season as we can.
Open to members and non-members, RPNYC boats or visiting boats, new or experienced crew, Rum Races are the fun way to end your week an kickstart your weekend. Aiming to get boats off their moorings and sailing again, it’s a short harbour course starting at the club with a bottle of rum up for grabs in the bar afterwards. See the Rum Racing Programme

Twilight Races

6pm Wednesday evenings over 4 consecutive weeks, starting in January.
On-the-water starts, multiple short races each evening, right in front of the club. Making the most of the long summer evenings, short quick-fire races where your your start, tactics, and wind shifts will make or break your run for the podium. Give your starting and boat handling a tune up before the Regatta. See the Twilight Racing Programme
To make twilight races happen we need a Race Officer, Caniwi driver and two assistants, email if you can help.

Special Races

1pm, the day may change, but they’re all special races, starting from the club, finishing anywhere in the harbour. These races are free to enter, but you must meet the criteria – hosting guests, giving up the helm, or just being a member for long enough. Expect unusual courses, unorthodox start sequences, an occasional fiasco, maybe a raft up, or ending up somewhere different. See the Special Races Programme

Divisional Races

1pm on Saturday, starting off the Point Jerningham start box, the races could finish there, or back at the club.
Each division will have racing courses targeted to the yachts in the division. We aim to maximise your racing time and enjoyment by grouping boats with similar performance and running more than one race per day where appropriate – so don’t head home after you’ve aced the first race.
These races are organised into several short series that also combine to form the Divisional Championship so you can choose the campaign that suits you. See the Divisional Racing Programme
To make divisional races happen we need a Race Officer, three race assistants, a Caniwi driver and two Caniwi crew, email if you can help.

Fleet Races (excluding Interclub)

10am on Saturday, starting (mostly) at the club and taking you anywhere in the harbour and sometimes beyond the entrance before coming back to the club.
Just one race per day, though they could be long races, with a combination of windward, leeward, and reaching legs. These races combined with the Interclub races form the Fleet Championship. Just go sailing or go for the long haul. See the Fleet Championship Programme
To make fleet races happen we need a Race Officer, two race assistants, a Caniwi driver and two Caniwi crew, email if you can help.

Interclub Races

These will be variously hosted by RPNYC, EBYMBC, and LBYC, so the day, the time, the start location and the style of the race can vary.
These are great opportunities to see how other clubs run racing and to mix it with unfamiliar boats. These races all form the Interclub Series so play it right and you could be the Wellington Interclub Champion at the end of it all. These race results also combine with the Fleet races to decide the RPNYC Fleet Champion. See the Interclub Racing Programme

Dunning Thornton Offshore Races

The date and time are set to match the tides. All races start at the club and leave Wellington harbour, some are one way, others return to finish at the club. Each offshore has its own style and instructions – for more information check out the race appendices. See the Offshore Racing Programme

Two-Handed Races

9am on Saturday morning, only two people on the boat, starting and finishing at the club before the afternoon sailing program. During the season these races are short harbour races in the morning before the rest of the crew join the boat for the Divisional racing. See the Two-Handed Racing Programme

Winter Races

12 noon on alternate Sundays, beginning one or two weeks after Queens Birthday Weekend.
Starting from the club, Point Jerningham, or somewhere else on the water. The location of the start will be notified via skipper webtext, and the finishing line will be as per the course description. Races will be shorter than in Summer as the days are shorter and cooler and sailors will want to head back to the club for a warming pie. On the alternate weekend you can still get your fix by heading to EBYMBC or LBYC.
To make winter races happen we need a Race Officer, two race assistants, a Caniwi driver and two Caniwi crew, email if you can help.