Welcome to the Clean Club section of Port Nic!

Here you’ll find what out what this is about, what we want to achieve and how you can get involved. Let’s get started!

Our purpose

To build an enduring sustainability programme that delivers benefits for our club and harbour.


We are aligning our activities to the Clean Club Programme initiated by Yachting NZ. Check out their information and resources here: https://www.cleanclub-yachtingnz.org.nz/

Our objectives and key results

The Yachting New Zealand Clean Club initiative provides a framework, but we don’t want this to be just a tick box exercise. There are specific things that we want to achieve for our club, and initiatives that will be more appropriate for us given our location and circumstances. We have set the following objectives and the results we’ll look to achieve.

Our programme delivers tangible benefits – for nature, the environment, our community, and our finances

  • Measurement programme in place
  • Reduction in identified metrics – e.g. resource use, energy use, waste, water use
  • Return on investment
  • Members knowing and doing more


We create an achievable and enduring programme of work

  • Programme plan, approved by the Board
  • Well documented programme of work that can be picked up by others
  • Governance framework in place


We build our club community by encouraging engagement and participation

  • Members changing their behaviour
  • Participation in activities
  • Volunteers to drive parts of the programme
  • Feedback from members


We extend our reach and impact by working with others

  • Wellington’s four yacht clubs working together
  • Connections with other clubs and organisations delivering results
  • (over time) Sponsorship for initiatives

Timeline and progress

Our progress


Clean Club Section⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Administration and Leadership30 Nov 2329 Feb 2431 May 24
Waste Management30 Nov 2331 May 24TBC
Resource Conservation31 Mar 24TBCTBC
Community Outreach31 Mar 2430 Jun 24TBC
Education29 Feb 2430 Jun 24TBC
Planned Date for Star Rating31 Mar 24TBCTBC

Our priority tasks

Description Planned Date Priority Status
Create additional page on website to communicate/educate 30 Nov 23 TBC WIP
Collaborate with the other Wellington Clubs re education etc. 30 Nov 23 TBC WIP
Have a dedicated environmental and sustainability representative on your committee 30 Nov 23 1 star Open
Use paperless methods for club communications 31 Oct 23 1 star Completed
Run national or regional regattas as Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas 29 Feb 24 2 star Open
Make beach clean-ups a regular part of club day activities 31 Mar 24 1 star Open
Invite guest speakers to talk about environmental topics at your club events 31 Dec 23 1 star Open
Bring awareness to local habitat and wildlife 29 Feb 24 2 star Open
Support education around marine biosecurity 29 Feb 24 2 star Open
Provide education and reminders about predator-free initiatives 31 Mar 24 2 star Open
Encourage responsible dog ownership when out boating 31 Dec 23 1 star Open
Conduct a water usage audit – Club facilities 31 Dec 23 1 star WIP
Encourage the use of reef-safe sunblock 31 Mar 24 1 star Open
Consider where your energy is used – Club facilities 30 Nov 23 1 star WIP
Conduct a waste audit – Club facilities 30 Nov 23 1 star WIP
Create three streams of waste – recycling, compost, landfill – Club facilities 29 Feb 24 1 star WIP
Create signage to inform and educate members on correct waste stream choices 30 Nov 23 1 star Open
Provide permanent water refill stations 30 Nov 23 1 star Open
Reduce single-use food service ware – Club facilities 30 Nov 23 1 star WIP

Get involved!

There are small and big tasks to be taken care of, some one-offs, others ongoing – so there’s something for everyone!

Just touch base with us when you see us at the club, or email cleanclub.rpnyc@gmail.com.

Vicki Connor, Nina Fischer, Conny Rohr, Paul Rutherford