Wardroom Renovation Project Update #9


The vinyl flooring has been laid in the bathrooms including the accessible toilet where the piping and drainage has now been completed.

We are experiencing a delay on completing the portal work. The issue is easy to solve but like everything at the moment “it just takes time.” As Stephen King once said “Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not.” With the hold ups experienced over the last few weeks the project completion date has been extended until the end of next month. Everything possible is being done to make this happen. We might well be slowed but we will not be stopped!

Next week sees final the ceiling linings finished and plastering continuing in the bathrooms. Work on the wall linings in the wardroom around the chiller entrance will be started next week and the portal should have its final fitting.

It’s been a week of ups and downs but the ups always prevail in the end.

Today’s photo displays the work of one of our local, anonymous, non vetted street artists. Not quite Banksy but it’s a timely reminder:  when things are on the down rather than the up – Put the jug on.

And yes, it has been removed from the wall by the good folk at WCC.



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