Wardroom Renovation Project Update # 8



Its here!

The star of the show and the main reason for all this strengthening and refurbishment kerfuffle has arrived at RPNYC. The long awaited and much talked about – STEEL PORTAL. Its amazing how an inanimate object can generate excitement during the working week. Yesterday the boys from Betteridge Engineering with their hiab lifted the portal in pieces down over the restaurant stairs to the concrete. Each piece was then trollied up into the wardroom before being bolted together. It was quite a show and a perfect day for moving large pieces of steel into tricky situations. 2 large hydraulic lifters were then employed to raise the portal up towards the ceiling before being acrow propped for additional bracing.  The services are being diverted around the portal today including the post mix lines and various other cabling. Once the services have been diverted the portal will be fixed into its final position next Tuesday.

The bathrooms have all had the final lining and first coat of plaster completed. The vinyl flooring is being laid in the bathrooms as we write this message and the seratone for the wall linings was delivered yesterday with this to be fitted next week. The internal doors are having their first top coat of paint today and have come up quite nicely so far. Overall the project is still moving along nicely but as we all know its the finishing bits that take the time and then “the putting right that counts”.

Happy Friday.


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