EQ Project Update 21 May 2021


Work commenced on Monday the 17th of May.
A section of carpet, and flooring has been cut and prepared for the installation of the ground beam next week. The concrete pour for this is taking place next Thursday the 28th. The sub floor looks dry and in good condition. Beneath this consists of 2 concrete floor slabs of 100mm each sitting on top of compacted hard fill. This section looks solid and in good condition. Ceiling tiles have been removed where required to expose the area where the portal will be placed. Trophy cabinets have been removed exposing the sea wall behind which all looks dry and in good condition so far. Demolition of the men’s and women’s toilets is well underway with services to be isolated next week. So far so good!
Note that next week from Monday the 24th of May until late on Thursday the 28th of May the whole building will be shut as the Coenes and foyer floors are sanded and polyurethaned.


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