Weather turns it on for the Veterans race


Finally the weather came right for last Saturday’s veterans race. A forecast variable 10 knots with not a cloud in the sky was a welcome prediction compared to the recent weather.

RO Mark Waters and the rest of the team from duty boat Outrageous were keen to set a course that would ensure everyone finished and indeed they did.

The veterans line up included:

Murray Bridge on St Laurence
Ken Burt on REVS
Barry Pettengel on Marishka
Gray McKenzie on After Midnight
John Meade on Danger Zone
Grant Hodgeson on Cantilena
Kelvin Weir on Titus Canby
Godfrey Geismar on Marangi

A leisurely reach to Pt Halswell, a kite ride to Horokiwi with some almost managing a kite ride back again – as the gentle breeze flip flopped around. Not a drop of water was seen on a foredeck with everyone enjoying a fantastic day on the water.

With plenty of smiles back in the wardroom and a few sunburnt faces as well, VC Paul Atkins announced the results.

Line honours went to Murray Bridge on St Laurence, while the winner of the Veterans race for 2017 was Barry Pettengell on Marishka.

A special mention also to Phil and Adrian aboard Outrageous, who sailed very well 2-handed, taking 1st on Club Handicap and 2nd on PHRF just 8s behind Airship. Neither qualified for the veterans cup without a veteran onboard, and Phil wasn’t prepared to be classed a veteran for the day (but he must be close!).


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