Special Race (24-May-2020) – Words from the Sage!


Well what a fantastic day to be back racing. Not too hot, not too cold, very scenic and perfectly timed to beat the rain.

Congratulations Jim for selecting a perfect course … except for the start line. Was 1 metre too far west. By the time ZRT had dipped back, the fleet had finally made it to the line, hiding it. Back we went again – urgh!

An Outrageous Kite

An Outrageous Kite (credit to Dave Roberts for the photograph)

But what a great view coming from behind. The things you see. Boom topping lifts still on, Volvo 70 masthead kites on a <30’er, ¼ code zero kites on another. A great battle in front for the Y88’s (one with a ring’in), but not much covering going on. Did anyone notice the tide coming in? It was certainly out at Point Halswell – quite shallow up against the light. Great to pass through the Lowry Bay fleet on starboard. Old foe Testerossa out front. Imagine combined fleet racing all the time.

Looks like all the laid marks remained in place during the lockdown. No one out there to assist in their departure. Even #26 Mokupuna virtual mark was still in position. Close but didn’t feel a bump as we rounded it. And then that nasty kite run/reach/tight reach back to the finish. How come Y88’s behind you travel at exactly the same speed as the front of a perpetual wind gust – its outrageous!!!

Haven’t seen the results – who cares! It was great to be back racing with ZRT’s great crew and fun competitors. Thanks James, Kate, Jim and all of you that competed for making it possible.

Roger (ZRT) Cook 



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