RPNYC Board priorities 2016-17

Key priorities

The following are the priority areas for the Board to deliver on for 2016/17:

  1. Member engagement & growth
  2. Strategic programmes
  3. Flagship events
  4. Infrastructure & asset management
  5. Club/WOSC operations improvement
  6. Maintain an ‘Even Keel’
  7. Risk Management
  8. Health & Safety
  9. Youth development

Member engagement & growth

  • Establish a membership working group/committee to focus on growing our membership
  • Develop a specific member engagement initiative to strengthen the connection of the membership with the club, this will include:
    • Through the club social programme, initiate working bees, buy/sell/swap days, and other activities that engender a sense of club community and are a way for new members and graduates to get involved;
    • Actively promoting the wardroom as the “front room” for members;
    • Implement a mentoring programme for new members and skippers to access for advice and assistance;
    • Increase use of club Website and Facebook page to communicate with members and for them to communicate to the club, however we know some still need more traditional channels; and
    • Increase our promotion of key events to members as a way of increasing participation and awareness.
  • Update information from members including roles, employers, skills & experience, etc. and populate the membership database
  • Assess member satisfaction by way of an annual survey
  • Provide coaching and training opportunities for members to develop their skills

Strategic programmes

  • Further development & delivery of the Schools Water Safety Programme by WOSC (underway)
  • Review existing programmes and assess opportunities for delivery of new programmes via WOSC (underway)
  • Develop Corporate Market offering (new 2016/17)
  • Review Constitution over two phases (new 2016/17 phase 1, 2017/18 phase 2)

Flagship events

  • Social Programme to target at least two significant social events
  • Sailing Programme to deliver at least two significant sailing events including Port Nich Regatta and one other

Infrastructure & Asset Management

  • Infrastructure Management & Maintenance Committee to maintain core assets:
    • Club house building (tenancy, wardroom, boardroom, etc.)
    • Wellington Ocean Sports Centre buildings
    • Training boats and dock
    • Caniwi Capital Te Ruru
    • Start Box
    • Earthquake strengthening
  • Ensure monthly contribution to specific R&M funds

Club/WOSC operations improvement

  • Implement ongoing process and systems improvements
  • Improve course delivery models, e.g. electronic course material
  • Improve the link between club/WOSC activity and club promotion, e.g. timely website updates linked to sailing and WOSC events

Maintain an ‘Even Keel’

  • Continue the Club Finance Committee as required
  • Maintain a zero debt policy
  • Performance measures:
    • Maintain an annual surplus;
    • Membership +10% pa
    • WOSC course participation +10% pa
    • Membership satisfaction +10% pa

Risk Management

  • Undertake regular risk review
  • Ensure activities comply with regulatory requirements and good practice:
    • WOSC safety programmes;
    • racing risk management;
    • health & safety.

Health & Safety

  • Establish Health & Safety Committee to provide oversight of club health & safety policy and plans, including
    • Club (tenancy, wardroom, boardroom, etc.)
    • Wellington Ocean Sports Centre
    • Racing including Caniwi Capital Te Ruru and Start Box

Youth Development

  • Continue to work with the Port Nicholson Yachting Trust to foster youth sailing in the greater wellington region and RPNYC, this will include:
    • Continued support of the existing youth scheme match racing programme;
    • Develop a youth sailing programme for kids with no previous sailing experience;
    • Create the opportunity for a Saturday sailing programme for youth scheme participants;
    • Encourage youth scheme to participate in more club sailing and social events and vice versa;
    • Youth scheme co-ordinator to be a member of the RPNYC Sailing Committee.