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#1 - Interclub Series - Correction of Race Dates

Notice date: 06/09/2018

The LBYC, EBYMBC & RPNYC 2018 – 2019 Interclub Series Notice of Race is amended to correct the race dates in section 6.3, as follows:

6.3 Race Dates

Date Start Location Start time Race type
Sun 7-Oct-18 LBYC 2 pm Short Harbour
Sat 13-Oct-18 RPNYC 12 pm Short Harbour
Mon 22-Oct-18 EBYMC 1:15 pm Short Harbour
Sun 9-Dec-18 LBYC 10:30 am W/L
Sat 2-Mar-19 EBYMC Varies from 11 am Harbour pursuit
Sat 27-Apr-19 RPNYC Varies from 10 am Island Bay pursuit


The Notice of Race document, linked on this page, has been corrected.


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