Welcoming your new Sailing Secretary – Amanda Daysh


Picture of ADWe have had our AGM and one Officer position was remaining to be filled. Nominated from the floor and receiving great support from around the club, Amanda Daysh, your new Sailing Secretary, sat down and had a brief chat with your VC!

VC – So welcome to the role Amanda, what inspired you to become Sailing Secretary? 
AD – Some ex sailing secretaries’ enthusiasm for the club and where the club can go in the future 

VC – When and how did you get into sailing?
AD – When Matt Perry (Hurricane Rigging) told me I was doing the Wine Race in 2016 and Pete and Karen Vause let me throw up off the back of Barocca for a couple of hours. 

VC – What is your favourite thing about sailing?
AD – Small boats and big winds

VC – What is your drink of choice for those skippers who need to bribe you?
AD – Depends on what i’m being bribed to do … 

VC – What is your vision for sailing at RPNYC?
AD – This is a question for all the members 

VC – Any messages for the members?
AD – What’s your vision for sailing at RPNYC? 

VC – And finally, why do people call you “Pants”?
AD – A story for at the bar – haha

So now you know! Please show her your support and if she asks you to help with something, be generous with your skills and time.


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