Wardroom renovation update – pictures


Most of the pictures and memorabilia are now back on the walls of the Clubhouse. They are organised (more or less!) There are areas for:

Current champions

Photos of the current Inshore, Offshore, and Fleet champions, and boat of the year are on the wall near the leaners.

Current Club boats and crews

This is for photos of current members and/or their boats. If you have a framed photo you would like to see on our wall, please let me know.

Significant Boats through the years

These are between the two trophy cabinets, and includes boats from the Club’s very beginnings through to the present. They include the first boat registered with the Club, our first national champions in first and second class keelboats, the winner of our first offshore race, the first Club (and indeed first NZ yacht) to compete the Sydney-Hobart, and other vessels of note. Some explanatory notes about each of them is being prepared to go alongside.

If there are any in particular missing, please let me know. (I know Hugh Poole isn’t yet represented – that’s in hand)

Photos presented to the Club

These include presentations from national and international Navies, sailing teams, etc.


Over the years, the Club has been visited by tragedies, with the loss of boats and sailors. There is an area set aside for them, but it is far from complete. If you have a photo of Club members, crew, or Club registered boat lost to us pursuing their sailing passion, and you want them on the wall, please contact me.

There is also some cool paraphernalia around the place – Charts, old champion burgees, line drawings, letters, models, etc.

This is still a work in progress, but will hopefully be finished by the time of our official reopening.

Any queries, feedback, offers of loans of photos, etc, please contact me via the Club office (or email, phone, facebook etc if you have my details)

Gavin Pascoe


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