Wardroom Renovation Project Update


Lots of activity this week mainly concrete cutting, kango hammering etc in preparation for pouring the ground beam. The concrete pour for this has been delayed.

During the demo from this area an old concrete drain was exposed in the slab next to the seaward wall which can be seen in the attached photo. We also exposed an old eye hook which had been concreted into the sea wall. This would have been used to tie boats up to back in the day. See the photo provided by Gavin showing “Doris” tied up in the 1930’s when each boat had her allocated space against the wall. There is  also a further photo from 1911 illustrating how the eye hooks would have been used..

After exposing the walls and ceilings in the bathrooms it appears these have all been well framed and are all dry and solid. Final removal of the bathroom sanitary fittings and lights took place yesterday all of which we are pleased to see an end to. We are also pleased to report the final demise of the ubiquitous men’s urinal. This ancient and smelly pee trough, the bane of cleaners for many years past, has finally come to the end of its tenure at the RPNYC. Good riddance. Somehow an empty Heineken bottle from 2007 had found its way behind this omnipresent stainless potty. How it got there is a mystery never to be solved……

The Coenes restaurant floors and the club lobby have been sanded and polyurethaned this week. The restaurant was closed for 4 days during this process and the floors have come up beautifully.  Come down to the boardroom bar tonight and check them out. Hats off to all the staff and contractors involved in coordinating this to coincide with the noisy work happening in the wardroom.



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