Wardroom Renovation Project Update #7


Wild, wet, windy and wicked Wellington this week. Just the way we like it.

The storm tides were not quite high enough to creep into the sheds. All sheddies in the marina are very happy about this. No soggy damage to our precious belongings.

Dick Turpin made his presence felt on the project as there were a few hold ups on different things over the last few days.  It’s been great to see such enthusiasm from our tradies. Of course, the location of RPNYC and a few nice days ensures they all want to be here at once. Managing the timing of the various trades now becomes key as everyone jostles to have their own portion of the job completed at the right time.

They say, “Timing is everything. It is also said, there is never a perfect time for anything.”

The bulk heads in the men’s and women’s toilets are being framed up and lined today. These will allow increased natural light from the windows into each room. The bathroom bench tops are being constructed by the joiners and preparations have begun for the installation of the steel portal with the final details for this to be confirmed next week.

The accessible toilet is being braced and fully plumbed today with new piping and floor drains being fitted. The floor layers are on hold until early next week when they can get a clear run on the whole of the toilet block.

The gib fixers are in today and should complete the aqualine for the bathrooms as well as more fire lining. Happy Friday.



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