Wardroom Renovation Project Update #6



We will not be stopped!

Crazy start to the week with boats coming loose from moorings in Clyde Quay, a piece of flashing on the Coenes deck bent and buckled in the squally southerly plus a Covid scare and an alert level change. The builders (being the good blokes they are) have ordered another flashing which is due to be fabricated next week and the boats were all sorted by late on the Monday. Hopefully the Covid bit will be sorted in the next few days.

The weather this week has been more confused than the Indian batsmen trying to figure out what Kyle Jamieson is going to bowl next.

Things are starting to take shape now. The pre wire to the bathroom area is finished as well as 90% of the piping for the toilets etc. Further WCC plumbing and building inspections have been passed successfully this week. Fireline gib has been fixed to some walls and the lovely batts installed to keep us all warm .

The floors in the bathrooms have had some preparation in readiness for vinyl. However some of the areas were holding a lot of moisture which had permeated the concrete. This has lead to some additional waterproofing requirements in these areas. This work will be carried out early next week with the vinyl hopefully being laid later in the week.

We did discover some issues in base of the notice board wall due to moisture from the beer lines. But luckily it was not beer that was leaking. Whew, that would have meant an immediate change in alert levels here at RPNYC. Simple condensation and old infrastructure is the root cause of the problem. (We have all heard that one before). We are looking to get a fix on this next week.

Next week will see aqualine gib being fitted in the bathrooms, final bracing inspections, floor laying and some work started around the portal and the eastern wall of the club will be prepared for bracing.


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