Wardroom Renovation Project Update #5




A roller coaster week with all the essential ingredients of a good, fun building project.

Things finished, things started, things put on hold, new things discovered, new things required, new regulations, and new words learned along the way. Who knew the word flitch even existed until this week?

Some of the walls have been braced and completed after some additional engineering requirements were carried out. This has delayed things a few days but we can catch up easy enough with additional hammer hands on site from today.

The plumbers will be finished the piping today in the women’s and men’s toilets in readiness for the plumbing inspection this afternoon. The benchtops have been ordered and some of the plumbing fittings have arrived for setting up the piping levels etc.

The site itself is looking much tidier with much of the rubbish and rubble being removed. Barney was there to give us a hand. Given the regulations today, traffic management is required to get skips on and off the footpath. Luckily we are using the same company who are doing the project across the road beside Lola Stays.  Whew – I wouldn’t want to be doing that project!





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