Wardroom Renovation Project. Update # 4




Its been an eventful week on the project and the weather has been much kinder to us all.

The ground beam concrete is looking lovely and solid and ready for action.  The steel fabricator has completed a final measure with the portal itself to be manufactured over the next couple of weeks.

The plumber has made a welcome appearance over the last few days. The shiny, white, new bathroom piping is falling into place nicely with this expected to be completed next week in time for the planned plumbing inspection. The sparky has unravelled much of the spaghetti junction of cabling and wiring in the ceiling space above the wardroom and we have been able to rip a sizable amount of this out completely.  Also expelled from the building forever are the clunky and hazardous transformers connected to the age old halogen down lights. These ancient orbs have been cast aside and will be replaced by the more sensible and safer LED lights. A fair portion of the new electrical cabling for the bathroom area has been installed with this also to be completed next week.

Further framing and bracing is taking place around the accessible toilet and lobby areas with work on this expected to continue into next week. Bracing ply has been installed on some walls after the positive pre line WCC inspection.

A bit like the stage coach trips in the old wild west and UK, there has, of course, been a few hold ups and a  few bumps in the road. However we are keeping things on track and dealing with any issues as they arise. The tradies are doing a good job so far, who wouldn’t want to work in such a great location when the weather is so good?


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