Wardroom Renovation Project – Update # 13



Nearly there people…

The weather is on the improve and things are nearly finished in the wardroom. We are still on track for a 30th of September completion date and to be ready for opening day on the 9th of October.

Partitions were received so toilet privacy will prevail after all. There are 2 bathroom sinks missing for the next month or so as these are caught up in the deepest, darkest recesses of Auckland somewhere. But its going to be OK….

The words of the week have been highlighted below.

Painting, touch ups, painting and finishing, fitting, adjusting, tweaking, fine tuning, calibrating, collaborating, balancing, adapting and modifying, negotiating, cleaning, final inspections, sign off, paperwork, notifications.

Further words for use over the coming weeks.

Paperwork, applications, waiting, PS4’s, waiting, chasing up contractor, tradies and consultants,  waiting, paperwork, waiting, Code compliance certificate, payments, sweet.

Happy Friday and go the All Blacks.


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