Wardroom Renovation Project Update # 11



Friday the 13th. Bad luck for some. But with an upcoming weekend including Beervana, Wellington on a plate, test rugby and a wardroom renovation project gaining momentum – how can there be anything but glad tidings and good luck?  We just need some sailing thrown in.

The portal has been braced, tweaked, lined, blocked, and fitted with a new diaphragm to spread the load outwards. Phew! It even breaths now. Talk about rock star treatment for a piece of steel. The wardroom floor around the portal has been reinstated in readiness for carpet next week.

The old wardroom carpet worked her final shift this morning. I asked the tradesmen to stand to attention and salute the matted and trusty weave as she made a silent but dignified exit from the RPNYC wardroom for the last time. Talk about a rich tapestry – literally. This unfailing and trustworthy coverlet could a pen plethora of blockbusting, non fiction novels about the happenings in the wardroom over the years. Every spillage, broken glass, leak, dropped sausage roll crumb, tear, cigarette burn, sauce stain, blood spot – they all have a story to tell which contributes to the rich history of RPNYC.

The linings are almost complete in the bathrooms with the toilet partitions being fitted today. Fitting of benches, hand basins, urinals, toilets etc is set to take place next week. The painting is ongoing as we move through into the wardroom.

Everyone is working hard to get things completed. Over the next 2 weeks you may well see heaven and earth moved quite substantially. Push push.

The photo of the sunrise was taken early one morning by one of our awesome builders.

Happy Friday.


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