Wardroom Renovation Project. Update # 3






Another eventful and busy week on the ground floor.

Lots of rain plus the high tides early in the week meant the ground water level made itself visible to us in the beam trench for just a short period. Didn’t quite have time to build a mai mai on the new piece of water before it disappeared into the bowels of the earth ‘neath the club….

The concrete pour took place this morning for the ground beam. It’s a hive of activity to get this in and floated off today so it can enjoy a nice long weekend of hardening up.

The ducts in the ceiling have been cut and the way prepared for the portal with this being a couple of weeks away. Most of the doors in the toilet area have been removed and the hardware is being assessed and refurbished with some quite good results. see photo.

The last of the walls are being demolished around the lobby in preparation for moving the accessible toilet door and the ice room/storage door to make this whole area more spacious. This will create a more straight and direct line to the girls and boys ablution areas. This will be a big help to folk who struggle on this journey…

Next week we are hoping to see the, much discussed but rarely seen, plumber, to install some fresh piping in the bathrooms. Then we can kiss good bye to the lovely dux quest piping fitted back in the day when it was considered useful. Lots happening next week too….Stay tuned.


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