Two races down and two tows home in the 2013 Port Nicholson Regatta


The 2013 Port Nicholson Regatta is underway with some fast rides in 25 knots of breeze at the top of the Evans Bay. In the first two races there was as much action for the support boats as for the race boats.

First up came the call that one of the sailors had fallen overboard. He was recovered quickly by the yacht and bought to shore then off to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Then came the call that a sailor had been hit with a glancing blow by the spinnaker pole. Another trip out to the track to bring her ashore for treatment.

Then came the call that Magic Trick had lost her rudder. Back out to tow her home to Chaffers.

Then came the call that one of the sailors on Kia Kaha had damaged his ribs in a lay down. Back out to pick him up and off to hospital to check out the damage.

Then after transferring the sailor a stray sheet fouled the prop on Kia Kaha so one more tow back to Chaffers.

Busy first two races!!!


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