Twilight Racing – 15 January 2020


Wednesday saw the return of the Twilight Races.  TZ ran four short course (and I mean really short – 300m pin-to-pin) races, in a variable 20knt southerly for the four boats that came out to play.  No race took more than than 20 minutes and each had exciting, close racing in the inner harbour. We had a “port-tack” of the fleet, attempted lee-bows, 20 degree wind shifts and leads changing every 100m.  Great to see a Wellington Ocean Sports Racing Course out there showing us how to time the starts.

The current standings put After Midnight ahead on Line and General Handicap and Saucy Sausage in the lead on PHRF.  Full results from Day 1 here. We are expecting the same number of races and format from each of the remaining 3 days so still plenty of time for the podium places to change and any new boats to come out and play. Live streams of the last 3 races can be found on the RPNYC Facebook Page (e.g. Race 2 video here)

Massive thanks to our volunteers for the day, without whom racing would not happen.

  • RO – TZ (Teresa Zandvliet)
  • RA – Linda Berkett
  • Caniwi Driver – Paul Davies
  • RA and livestream-camera-woman – RC Katie Hakes

See you out there next time!


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