Te Ruru Project Update: All the small things


Many of you will have now seen that Te Ruru is back operational. This doesn’t, however, mean the refurbishment project is complete – we are still working our way through a number of small and not so small items. As anyone who has worked on their boat knows, it can take quite a bit of time to get these small items tidied up.

The engines have been fully serviced and are ready for the coming season. She has been fully fueled up and we now have an accurate way of telling exactly how much fuel she has on board and is using. The on board instruments are having an upgrade and are mostly complete with some minor work still to do. New pontoon covers have been manufactured by Naiad (thanks to funding from NZCT) and should arrive later this week or early next week.  We are working to get very worn seats re-covered, a cracked window replaced and red hot marine are coming back in a couple of weeks to replace the windscreen wiper, fit a horn and rewire the nav lights.


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