Social Scavenger sail / cruise


Ready to go?

To participate, enter via Ch 62 between 1200 and 1330 with your boat name and number of crews on
board. You will then be given an entry number which you will need to remember.
Take photos of the locations below with a crew member in the pic, and either post them to the ‘Social Sail /
cruise – Scavenger hunt’ FB event or email them to between 1500 and 1600.

Here are your clues in pdf: 2021-12-04 Scavenger hunt or list form below.

  1.  >> Activity: Dress up a fender to look like a sailor and bring it to the Wardroom by
  2. Leaning into the wind but has never fallen into the harbour.
  3. The steam lifter
  4. The shed and the shack
  5. Where you go when you run out of air just after leaving Wellington on the way to the
  6. A not so often used mark by LBYC, to the South-East of #7
    >> Activity: Pick up the tag with your entry number on it and bring it back.
  7.  It was constructed to mark the Wellington province’s centennial commemorations
  8. The ‘rat house’, which guards the entrance to the habitat of the world’s smallest
  9. You’ll find Sea salt but no pepper in its name
  10. The Point shares the name of an ex RPNYC Commodore, and used to be fortified
    between 1895-1924.
  11. The original one used to be frequented by stars and crew from The Lord of the Rings
    trilogy and was located on the other side of the peninsula.
  12. A big metal bird (the closer the shot, the more points you’ll get)
  13. The history-rich leftovers are still visible today
  14. It spurts a lot of water
  15. Eat on the boat
  16. The oldest boat in Clyde Quay
  17. By around 4pm, get to the Wardroom
    >> Activity: Nominate one team member who may not know any but can tie many.

Have fun and see you soon!


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