After 25 years of use, the non-skid surface in the Muir cockpits had become non-existent. This made the boats slippery and dangerous to be on. As we started to hunt for solutions we looked at a wide range of options including paint on and stick on options. One of our key criteria was longevity – each boat does several hundred trips per year, so we needed a product that was going to stand up to heavy traffic.

As we looked around one product kept on getting recommended – Seadek. MG Composites is the Wellington based installer and after looking at other installations and how well they had held up over time, we decided to go with it. MG composites and the NZ distributor, Batavian agreed to support the install for which we are very grateful.

Seadek has now been on the boats for a year and looks as good as the day it was installed. It provides excellent grip and a little bit of cushioning when people end up on their knees. It has enhanced the look of the boats including a large Ocean Sports logo at the back. Where the Muirs are moored, they often get a lot of dirt blown on to them. The Seadek has proven easy to clean with a quick brush and hose down.

After seeing the install on the Muirs, Seadek also seemed to be the perfect solution for Helter Skelter. We went with the thinnest option of 3mm on Helter Skelter and it has solved the regular slipping issue we had. I’d like to say this means you won’t ever see us on our side, but slipping may not have be our only issue!
If your crew keep complaining about how slippery your boat is give Matt a yell at MG composites. If you’d like to see it up close, feel free to drop by the Ocean Sports boats and have a look.

The crew of Helter Skelter show off the deck

One of our Muirs in action


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