Sail On


This week we were saddened to hear of the passing of Alex Khan

Alex endured a long and private siege against cancer, which she refused to let define her life or her ambition.

She hadn’t been in New Zealand long before she was introduced to the Club and joined the crew of Gucci, capturing some attention as one of the ‘Gucci Girls’. Alex’s husband Phil has treasured memories of their time together racing and cruising on Gucci.

Alex and Phil loved the water so much they bought Stepping Stone and lived aboard at Chaffers Marina. Sometimes those of us who don’t live aboard might play our music a bit loud for a bit too long. One time things got a bit of hand and Alex called the police, who arrived to see Alex turn the fire hose on the musical scofflaw. Apparently a local bottle store was so pleased they presented Alex with a bottle of wine.

Fair winds.


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