RPNYC welcomes back twilight racing


In January, the Twilight Series took place on Wednesdays. This was a good way to get back into racing and also to eye up the competitor’s skills before the Regatta.
We had 9 boats in total competing in this series and received great feedback.

The first evening comprised of 4 W/L races of about 10 minutes each, controlled from Caniwi in the inner harbour. It was decided there would be no kites allowed in the boisterous 20 -30 knots conditions.

Race day 2 was a club start with the finish at Jerningham, then 2 W/L races starting from Jerningham in more settled conditions.

Race day 3 was cancelled due to being too windy.
We needed to issue an NTC to allow for more races in the series than planned pre-season, which is a nice situation to be in.

On the final race day the race management team managed to get another 2 races away to make it a 9-race series.

We’d like to give huge thanks to the RM volunteers and the skippers and crews who made this series a great success.

The winners are

Club & PHRF Handicaps

  • 1st Saucy Sausage
  • 2nd ZRT II
  • 3rd After Midnight


  • 1st ZRT II
  • 2nd After Midnight
  • 3rd Airship

We also like to welcome Vedann and crew who came out for one of the evenings to the RPNYC racing fleet.

Thanks all and see you soon out on the water.


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