Regatta replays with RaceQs!


Watch your heroic manoeuvres on the water come to life on the Wardroom big screen



  1. Make sure you’ve got the download above
  2. Create your account with RaceQs
  3. You do not need to select the RPNYC regatta, RaceQs will detect it and assign it automatically
  4. Type your boat name into the app (only one needed onboard each competing boat)
  5. Make sure you’ve got a GPS signal on deck and click ‘start tracking’ in the app
  6. once you’re acquired by satellites and the app stow the phone below
  7. Best placement;
    1. flat inside the boat
    2. face up
    3. bow–stern alignment
    4. plug into the 12V charger or a powerpack if you can
  8. If you’ve got friends and family ashore watching from the office, click LIVE STREAMING
    1. beware of your data plan, and also note the broadcast to the website is deliberately delayed so competitors can not make any use of the livestream to unfairly compete during the race.
  9. No need to to do anything between races

Head back to the wardroom to watch the action from the Line 7 Regatta page on RaceQs – RPNYC Regatta page


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