Protests and Lessons


The Island Bay Race saw four Protests, or Requests for Redress, lodged.  The decisions are published on the Documents and Notices page; here is a summary and some lessons/actions for all of us:

Race Committee vs Bullistic – Sail Numbers not visible

  • This protest was withdrawn
  • The issue has been discussed with Race Officers and within the Sailing Committee
  • We are seeking advice from Yachting NZ on national position on this
  • In the meantime this article froNedax with Clear Yellow Numbersm Scuttlebutt sums up the issues nicely – Sail numbers need contrasting colors
  • Actions for boats – Check your Sail Numbers and Boat Name comply with the Racing Rules of Sailing, Safety Regulations and Maritime Rules



After Midnight vs Cantilena – Not completing the proper course

  • In simple terms Cantilena did not round Mark 6
  • The protest was lodged and Cantilena subsequently withdrew from the race
  • Worth noting that radio calls were made about rounding/not rounding the mark and another boat in the fleet went back to complete the proper course
  • Reminder to boats – You have an obligation to withdraw if you know you have broken the rules.  Failure to do so could be considered unsportsmanlike behaviour or misconduct.


Saucy Sausage vs Wiseguy – Boat on Port Tack not giving way to the boat on Starboard TackPort - Starboard - Rule 10

  • Protest was resolved at Arbitration – Wiseguy accepted the penalty
  • I recommend you read some of the Case Book on Protests – here
  • Case 50 is particularly appropriate – “When the committee finds that S (starboard boat) did change course and that there was reasonable doubt that P (port boat) could have crossed ahead of S if S had not changed course, then P should be disqualified”



Organising Authority on behalf of Frid & Grenadier – Request for Redress

  • Frid and Grenadier did not pass between the club and the start mark – scored DNS
  • The start mark for the course was laid after scheduled time of the first boat (which did not race) but before Frid and Grenadier started
  • The thrust of the query was around how the “Start” of a Pursuit or Mark Foy Race is defined
  • The redress was not granted as for each boat of a Pursuit or Mark Foy Race a separate start sequence is run and therefore, the “Start” is defined in relation to that sequence
  • Lesson to take away – always check if there is a Start Mark, Finish Mark or Inner Distance Mark



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