Post 138. AGM update


Dear members,

Well, the Wellington COVID scare certainly had an impact on the number of members attending the AGM, but thanks to ‘spontaneous’ renewals and upgrades we have managed to achieve a quorum – thank you attendees for coming along.

The outgoing board presented their reports as published, and shared an update on the ongoing Earthquake strengthening project which provided a few challenges so far but overall is still on track to finish in 5-7 weeks.

As smooth as the Annual Report and Accounts were presented and approved, as smooth was the voting of the new, incoming board.

The new team presents as follows:

  • Commodore: Dave Roberts
  • Vice Commodore: Amanda Daysh
  • Rear Commodore: Conny Rohr
  • Board members: Mark Gordon, Mike West, Paul Davies, Tim Hampton, and – as always – Phil Gaunt.

With Amanda taking up the Vice Commodore role, she will vacate the Sailing Secretary position. If you are interested in the role (or parts of it), get in touch with Amanda (, 0224371775).

It’s time for a round of applause for the now ex-board members under the 4-year guidance of Pedro Morgan. Thank you all for the hard, passionate, and committed work you have put in over the years to keep running the Club and for tackling the countless challenges on the way. This goes to Katie Hakes (Rear Commodore), James Snowden (Vice Commodore), Gavin Pascoe and Paul Davies (both board members). We also want to acknowledge the countless volunteers who are supporting our Club ongoing, some more visible than others. Thank you all for putting in the effort!

The new board will take over the governance immediately, with an initial focus on the earthquake strengthening project but also the longer vision to make the Club a club again – or in Dave’s words: the village and community he and we all are part of. On top of paying attention to the ‘business’ of the Club, we want to focus on

  • sharing the load
  • member participation
  • fun for existing members
  • growing membership, and
  • going sailing.

If you are keen to be part of the village community, and want to be involved and help in whatever shape or form works for you, please get in touch ( or

We are looking forward to taking the next step in Port Nic’s history – come along for the ride!

See you soon,
Your new Board


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