Port Nicholson Regatta – what an event!


Windy Welly truly lived up to its name on the first day of the Regatta on Friday, with various different maximum wind speeds measured by different boats ranging from 30 to 50 knots. It was a good day for riggers and sail makers, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Needless to say most of us were aching the next day…

Jive Talking battling the breeze on Friday

For Saturday the breeze eased off, and the five races were sailed in very good conditions. The first four were windward/leewards similar to Friday’s races, followed by a harbour course which merged most of the fleet on their home stretch from mark 5 to 9 just off Jerningham.

The forecast for Sunday wasn’t looking very appealing, and the Race Committee made the call early to cancel the racing on Sunday – Bittersweet feelings were shared as some crew wanted to go sailing while others appreciated the fact that there was no need to get out of bed early after the Saturday evening party.

Congratulations to our
PHRF Nationals winners in Div A: Satellite Spy
PHRF Nationals winners in Div B: Dangerzone
Roger Land Trophy – First on line Young 88 design: DangerZone
Young 88 Owner/Driver – First on handicap Young 88 design: Whistler III
Ross Telford Trophy – Port Nicholson Regatta Champion: DangerZone

All results are available here: https://rpnyc.org.nz/print-race-series-results/

Big thanks to the crew from Black and Gold who provided catering both evenings and made sure everyone was sufficiently fed and re-hydrated. Also to the Wellington Photographic Society (WPS) joining us the first time and who were out on the water both days taking photos, and some will be available for purchase soon. Then also a big thank you to all the volunteers on Caniwi, on the start boat, on shore and the organisers of it all, Ash and Hamish.

Check out the photos on Facebook as well as the finish of the multi-hull division video! No login required
Photos: Royal Port Nicholson Regatta 2019
Video: https://www.facebook.com/rpnyc.org.nz/videos/423064011570811/1/

The season continues with the Lola Stay Rum Race including Ethel Trophy this Friday, 1st March and the EBYMBC Race Fleet Championship & Interclub Series on Saturday.


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