Personality of the Year 2022 – Cameron Hodges


Awarding someone the Personality of the Year is a satisfying task to do, but also tricky with all the great humans we have in the Club. Spoilt for choices I do believe though that it is the right one.

So let’s gets on…

The personality for the year 2022 is relatively new to the club and sailing, but has made a big impact since joining. They have contributed a lot of their spare time already on and off the water, more often than not behind the scenes. We believe this recognition is well deserved despite the short timeframe of being a Club member.

And as a bonus, they share the birthday with another personality of the year! Not that that was a deciding factor though.

Who’s this person?

They started their journey, like so many others, at Wellington Ocean Sports early 2021 during a COVID lockdown break with a Learn to sail intro course. Shortly after, they picked up the Grads Club Membership, showing their passion for sailing. Coming through the Grads go sailing programme, they have been on the water whenever they got the chance to get out. Boats like Grenadier, Sasquatch, Zigzag, Tortimony, Zimmerframe and Airship had the pleasure to have our personality on board for a race or two. And I am sure that all of them would have loved to keep this pleasant, easy going, somewhat quiet but cheeky human on their boat.

Well, the personality has found another boat though to call their ‘sailing home’. And they have been a committed and reliable crew ever since they joined this boat. We can see this on their Facebook profile which is full of sailing photos and tags from their crew members. Sorry for stalking!

Their helpful attitude, skills and great sense of humour are very useful traits especially on their offshore trips, which they have done quite a few by now. They seem to like navigating old-style, do their fair share of fishing and are happy cruising along instead of racing against the clock and the competition.

While they are initially introvert, they are forthcoming and always keen to join a chat, have a social drink and stay on a bit longer if the party keeps going. Which does happen quite often with their crew!

Our personality is always quick to help, and have been volunteering behind the bar, in the kitchen, polishing trophies – I am sure everyone of you would have been served at some stage by our engaged and cheerful personality of the year.

They were also fast emailing me when I was looking for social committee members. From the beginning they have been an awesome ideas person, team player and contributor, and are also the ones I could delegate the Facebook events posting to. I was lucky to have this personality on my team!

Actually, we all are lucky that this person is part of our Club Community. They bring enthusiasm with them and are always happy to help, they are part of the solution and are making this Club a better place with their presence and contribution.

I am very privileged to award the Personality of the Year 2022 to Cameron Hodges


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