Maintenance Musings…


What a crazy spring month it has been especially for planning the maintenance around the club. 4
seasons in one month at least. It has been a true exercise in patience for getting the programmed
maintenance projects completed. Read on to learn more about some of the things that have been
happening and what is on the horizon …

Freyburg Walkway/RPNYC Slipway
WCC have commissioned engineers and are in the process of appointing trades people to upgrade
the walkway around the Freyburg pool to the car park. This has long been a relatively hazardous
area and will benefit from new and improved access. The RPNYC slipway work has also been
commissioned and WCC have informed us that this will be undertaken before Christmas. The work
involves removal of the piles directly out from the slipway and removal of the steel gantry and other
unnecessary equipment around the slipway. The plan is to construct an access platform around the
slipway with revamped heritage signage and interpretive panels detailing the historical information
of the area.

Club Fibre Installation
We are hoping to get fibre installed into the club as soon as possible. Chorus have had a look
through the building. However we are still waiting on them (isn’t everybody) to give us an indication
of when the installation will be completed. Fibre will improve the club’s internet capability further and make the club member’s free internet experience even more enjoyable.  One of the many benefits of RPNYC membership! Fibre also open’s up other communication possibilities like VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone systems etc. Watch this space.

RPNYC Deck Awning
The steel support beams have had the corroded sections replaced. The beams are now at the
galvanisers before going to the powder coaters. This process is expected to take another couple of
weeks so we are now looking at early November before the awning will be ready to be re installed.
The aluminium purlins have weathered well and will remain in place. A brand new PVC skin will be
installed and tensioned with the front awning weather panels to be repaired and recovered. The
actual curtains will remain the same initially but will be replaced over time.

Coenes Deck work
The Coenes deck project is now complete apart from some painting touch ups. The fresh grass has
been fitted and the customers are back enjoying the new waterproof deck in the sunshine. The good
news is the leaks into the wardroom seem to have stopped which is very pleasing. So far so good.



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