November Board update

This month has been a busy but successful month, with more success in our earthquake strengthening fundraising campaign, and the renewal of our arrangement with Black & Gold Events to manage the Wardroom.
Finance update
The ongoing finances are in a positive place. Recent maintenance has now largely wrapped up, with the last parts of the awning to be reinstalled soon.
The big news however is that we have received a $50,000 contribution to our earthquake strengthening project from the Four Winds Foundation. Club Manager Jason Reid has spent an enormous amount of time working on this and other funding opportunities, so please thank him for his hard work when you next see him.
Wardroom menu
The new wardroom food and drinks menus launched in early November, and seem to have been pretty popular so far. If you haven’t yet, maybe stop in tonight for a mezze platter, house salad, vege nachos or a beef burger?
You can read more about the Wardroom changes here.
Renewal of arrangements with Black and Gold
We’re delighted to announce that Wellington Hospitality Group’s events arm, Black and Gold Events, has renewed its contract to manage the wardroom for another five years. This is hugely important to the Club as it guarantees the professional management of the venue for our members, and is an importance source of revenue through hiring the venue for functions.
This weekend marks the first time that our new training yacht, Pugwash, will be used for a course. Buying and commissioning Pugwash has been a huge undertaking for many people, especially WOS Manager Craig Ryburn and his team.
Watch this space, but we’re hoping to formally commission Pugwash relaunch the upgraded Caniwi in late January.
New members
Finally, we welcomed ten new members this month, including four grads from WOSC, three general members, and three senior members: Hilary Parker, Warren Robb, Brennon Chambers, John R. Andrews, Suz Kuru, Dave McKnight, Kirsty Wright, Murray Gilbert, Dale Park, Adam Ashford.

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