Neville Dimock


I was saddened to hear this morning that Neville Dimock, long-time supporter and character of the Club, passed away peacefully at home yesterday. He was 89.

Nev began racing keelboats with this Club in the early 1960s, with Medina, then Caprice. In the mid- 1970s he graced the harbour with the magnificent schooner Jacaranda. He also owned the launch Rongomau, registered with this Club through the 1970s and 80s. In more recent years he could be found cruising the converted pilot boat Otaroa around Wellington and the top of the South.

Nev always had a smile, wry or otherwise, and asked how I was faring, and I’d have to admit I’d used his mooring or rafted to Otaroa in a blow or, “just because”. I’d produce a bottle of penance, and he’d grin from ear to ear.

Neville had a fondness for the Nelson Race. I remember being on the rail to Nelson and seeing him charging ahead on Otaroa so he could be there to personally award the Dimock Cup and the Dimock Trophy.


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