Mark sponsors


As we all know, boats need marks to go around. The Club’ s kit needed a fair bit of maintenance to be ready for the 2020 regatta.

Long time member, personality, and boatbuilder Kim McMorran organised sponsorship and gathering together of America Cup-size marks and tackle. Sponsors of the Buoys themselves were Kiwi Yachting and their subsidiary Southern PacificBarton Marine, Chaffers Marina, and McMorran Boatbuilding.

Buoys require plenty of strong tackle to hold them in place. Richard MacAlister, whose family have a long association with the Club, and his team at Kiwi Yachting provided all rope, chain, and some parts for them.

Kim says that Kate Beckett deserves a big mention in helping him in a last minute effort in having them ready to go and in the Caniwi shed ready for the regatta.

These marks and associated tackle are also used in regular Club racing, and will be used again in the 2021 regatta, the planning for which is now well under way.



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