January board update

The last couple of months have been quieter for the Board, with Christmas normally being a quiet time.
We expect the AGM to be on 24 June. There will likely be several Board and other roles open, and we encourage any member interested in a role to contact Commodore Pedro Morgan to signal their interest. We’re keen to help potential candidates better understand the Club’s inner workings to make the eventual¬† smoother for everyone.
Finance update
The Club’s finances remain positive, with a forecast annual surplus well ahead of budget, on the back of a strong performance from Wellington Ocean Sports. This surplus will be particularly important when it comes time to pay for the earthquake strengthening project.
We remain in discussions with potential funders of the earthquake strengthening project. Hopefully we’ll have more news for you in March.
Resource consent for WOS dock replacement
We received resource consent for the replacement of the Wellington Ocean Sports floating dock in December. This project will be a high priority for the Club this year, with the existing dock having come to the end of its useful life after more than 20 years service.
Replacement of the dock will also allow Pugwash to be moored alongside the Muirs, and allow Caniwi to come alongside even with the WOS fleet is moored. This will have benefits for both safety and ease of use.
Thanks to Nicci Wood for all of her hard work to help us obtain the resource consent.
Caniwi relaunch and Pugwash commissioning
Last week we celebrated the relaunch of Caniwi and the commissioning of Pugwash. This was a great evening with a large number of members present. Projects like the upgrade of Caniwi are difficult to deliver without the support of our sponsors, and once again we thank Troy Bowker and the team at Caniwi Capital for their continuing support.
New members
Finally, we welcomed ten new members over the past two months: Christine Peachey, Patrick Savill, Alexander Wood-Sage, Kate Davies, Daniel Clelland, George Mazengarb, John Martin, Brianna Otto, Antoine Zimermann, and Jaimie Balmer.

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