Food glorious food! Plus a beverage or three…


Have I got your attention? Hopefully you will all remember the wine tastings and membership engagement evening and subsequent survey that came out a wee while back?

Well after those events I sat down with Black and Gold and we brainstormed food ideas that could be fresh and not fried as you requested while still be able to be cooked in our small kitchen and not have you all have to wait forever for your food.

We took your responses and thought long and hard and we are pretty pleased with the result. The challenge has always been preparing food in the small kitchen without a chef and a proper oven, however we think we have come up with a good solution.

So as of the 8th November we will be offering a new menu. This will include some breakfast options! Yes you heard me, breakfast options.

We will have things like bacon baps, scones and brownies in the morning to have when you come to the club for your coffee or to take away on the boat with you. These will be available also during the afternoon until they sell out of course.

The après sailing menu includes things like salads, sandwiches, paninis, bread and dips platters and mezze platters.

If you loved the fried food, we still have you covered with some old favourites.

If you are vegetarian, we also have you covered with an array of choices including salads and nachos (which are delicious).

We aren’t just satisfied with giving the menu a revamp however we have also looked at the wine, beer and spirit offerings.

We will now have Monteiths beer to replace the Boundry Road, but don’t panic, your Tuatara Iti and Panhead Supercharger are still available. There will also be a guest tap and a range of 3 Heinekens by the bottle. This includes Heineken Light and Heineken Zero (for those who want the taste of beer but not the booze).

We have some new wine offerings by the glass and by the bottle. There are around 20 wines by the glass now, so you really will have a big decision at the bar if you drink wine! A lot of the new wines are a result of the wine tastings we held. If you weren’t there you really did miss out on having your say.

Inevitably prices have changed, mostly up but some have gone down too. This is the first increase in several years (big ups to Black and Gold for keeping these in check). However members do receive a discount, and members prices are still significantly cheaper than nearby bars and pubs.

Hopefully you like this new menu as we have thought long and hard to try and give you what you asked for but at the same time trying to make sure we can actually produce these things in the kitchen.

I look forward to seeing you all at the bar buying the new and fresh menu!


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