Port Nic Regatta – day 2 wrap up


Day 2 began with unusual Wellington conditions – AP went up as RO John Parrish waited for the wind to arrive and some sailors went for a swim to cool off.

The southerly sea breeze made its way to the entrance of Evans Bay and racing got underway. The two divisions had very different starts for Race 1 – Division A orderly and all well back from the line, and Division B lots of yelling, barging, and one port tacker behind the line put everyone on edge when trying to find a gap to come back. A number of boats ended up on the windward side of the committee boat after the start gun.

Racing settled down after that and CU (Div B) and St Laurence (Div A) taking line honours in all three races. Some very close racing in Div B led to a photo finish between Tatra Lass, Stolen and Slingshot. And the tussle for last place in the last race of the day saw Tortimony and White Cavalier pass each other a number of times, with White Cavalier beating Tortimony in the end.

Check out the official photos from Chris Coad here. Two more races are scheduled for Day 3 with Helter Skelter leading Div A on both Club Handicap and PHRF. In Division B CU have a huge lead in PHRF, and White Cavalier care currently winning on Club Handicap.


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