Port Nic Regatta – day 1 wrap up


Day 1 of the 2016 Line 7 Port Nic Regatta bought sunny skies and a consistent 10 – 15 knot northerly that stayed around all day, contrary to the forecast.

The extremely proficient race management team banged away 4 races, with windward leewards and a triangle sailed in Course Area A between Ward and Somes Island on the eastern side of the harbour. This was followed by a short harbour course to bring boats back finishing the last race of the day outside the RPNYC clubrooms.

Race 1 on line was won by St Laurence in Div A, and Airship in Div B after some close racing between the Ross boats CU and Testarossa.

Race 2 Div B got a bit keener at the start with 4 boats too early and over at the start. Heading to a wing mark proved a challenge for some boats in both divisions that struggled to carry masthead gear on the tight reach. Some late hoists and early drops indicating that more triangle practice could be in order. The reach to the wing mark also proved too much for St Laurence who suffered damage and had to withdraw from the race. Line Honours went to Blink in Div A and CU in Div B. Some close racing in the Young 88s ensued with 88% Proof beating Whistler 111 on line.

Race 3 had Testarossa a little too close to the windward side of the Committee Boat where they tangled with the anchor warp during their starting sequence. St Laurence made temporary repairs and were in back for Race 3, taking line honours once again. In Div B line honours went to CU.

Race 4 allowed the boats to stretch out and enjoy more of Wellington harbour which mixed up the results a little. Blink took Line Honours in Div A and CU in Div B, closely followed by Prime Mover. Testarossa did not finish after breaking their boom clean in two, which unfortunately ends their regatta.

Full results so far  are here with CU leading the PHRF championship for Div B, and things a little closer in Div A between Helter Skelter and Blink separated by 1 point.


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