Corporate sailing and end of year functions


Now is the time of the year to book your corporate sailing session or end of year function with Wellington Ocean Sports!!! Sailing is a fantastic team building activity, no experience is necessary and everything you need is provided. We have two purpose built keelboats and can take up to 14 people on the water at once. We run larger groups in sessions or across a range of ocean sports such as stand up paddleboard, kayak and Windsurfing.

As well as the sailing we can offer a number of catering and venue hire options. The team and Black and Gold Events now run our catering and venue hire services and are doing a fantastic job!!

A copy of our booking and information form can be found here. Places are filling fast, so get in quick.

We have two identical yachts specifically set up for taking groups sailing on the harbour. We can have up to 14 people out sailing at any one time and run mini race series for far bigger groups.


The yachts will have on board a Wellington Ocean Sports skipper. All of our skippers are also sailing instructors so they will make sure you get a chance to learn a bit about sailing while you are out there.


Wellington Ocean Sports will provide everyone with a set of wet weather gear and a life jacket for the sail. The gear will keep most of the water and wind out but is not insulated so please ensure people wear/bring loose fitting polypropylene, fleecy type, casual (ie warm) clothing and soft soled closed toed footwear. There is a possibility that your feet may get wet so a change of shoes is a good idea. Showers are available in the Yacht Club building if required.


Sailing Options

Basic Sailing Package
This is a one and a half hour session including a safety briefing and sail out on Wellington Harbour, you will get to see the city from a completely different perspective! If the weather is fine then there is no place more beautiful … if it is windy then there is no place more exhilarating!

All this for just $350 per boat, we can fit up to seven people on each boat so that works out to only $50 per person if you bring a boat load. Where else can you one and a half hours of entertainment for that price?

Team Building Sailing Package
Want more of a challenge during your corporate session? Our Team Building Sailing Package is designed to give groups a bit of a challenge, we can even do some match racing (if you have two boats) or have a couple of fleet races (three boats or more). This session is a little longer but well worth the additional time!

Our Team Building Sailing Package is just $466 per boat for a two hour session, if you put seven people on each boat this works out to only $66 per person. Where else can you get a team building challenge for that price?

Other Sailing Packages
Does sailing sound like the activity that you want to do, but the above packages don’t really float your boat? We are more than happy to come up with packages on a case by case basis. So please contact us on 939 6702 or at and we can discuss some options.

Catering Options

Before or after sailing we can provide a variety of catering. The Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club catering team can organise Anti Pasta Platters at the Bar or a Gourmet BBQ on the deck.


Book your Corporate Sailing session now by completing the booking form and returning it to or fax to (04) 939 6704.





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