Clyde Quay maintenance


It certainly has been a challenge for the contractors working in Clyde Quay over the last couple of weeks with the consistently inconsistent weather. Just to recap on the progress so far:

The cradle and the cradle arms have been removed from the slipway. All the rust and detritus around the slipway has been removed. The rail tracks running from the slipway out into t he marina have been cut and are awaiting removal. The old WOSC dock has been removed and broken up for disposal.

Work continues over the coming week on the slipway. Today the divers are working to loosen a series of concrete plinths off the bottom near the existing piles. This involves the somewhat  dangerous and messy operation of a kango hammer in murky water.These guys certainly earn their wages.  The railway irons will be removed this week and the piles will be cut off at floor level and removed. (The council have been notified about the little tern nesting on the top of one of  the piles.) Once everything has been removed, building the new platform around the slipway and the erection of the hand rail around the Freyberg walkway can begin.

Please keep vigilant for hazards around  the marina over the coming weeks.


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