Clyde Quay Clean up – a step in the right direction


On Sunday, 27th May, the Ghost Fishing NZ team came along to Clyde Quay and did a fantastic job together with some of our members to clean up some of the rubbish the marina is hiding in its murky waters. See the GFNZ post below and go online to check out some of the photos taken on the day as well as the fantastic video.
And don’t forget to head to Project Baseline Clyde Quay or to support the environment and team by ordering from the ‘Go Bamboo’ range.

GFNZ strikes out again at marine and shore debris in the Clyde Quay.
With the thanks to the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club we were allowed access to dive in this area and start from now to create a project monitoring the area as we remove the rubbish from it.

Project Baseline Clyde Quay.
We had an amazing turn out in the terrible weather and it really was all hands on deck.
Six divers in the water and 921 bottles came out with 57 cans, 11 street cones, 5 Skateboards, 47 single use plastic items, 13 glasses/cups, shopping trolley and all manner of other stuff we estimate at least 1500kgs of rubbish removed from the ocean in 60 mins..!
And the shore side crew had to deal with driving rain and 9 degree’s – mud and all sorts.
The shore teams were incredible, members of GFNZ/RPNYC and members of the public getting stuck in – we also had some diver support dinghy’s in the water with the RPNYC experienced team at the helms – followed by an lovely meal put on by the team at the RPNYC – thank you guys so much.
And we again had the epic support of 
Matt Fabish and Lee Steffens from Underwater Solutions they assisted in all facets of the clean up from carrying bags to diving – and then ferrying the piles of rubbish to the spot for the Wellington City Council rubbish collection (Thanks always to John Curran and the team there – Justin LesterJustin Lester).
Thank you guys.
Thanks also to 
Lorraine Shaab and her shore team from Petone Beach Clean Up Crew and all our volunteers.
Too many people to thank – but thank you all for your incredible effort in such inclement conditions.
Always thanks to:
Dive-Xtras – Noel Leeming – South Coast Drysuits – Concept Sign & Display – Frontline Photography (Image editing) Jessica Cody(Photography.)
Tech Dive NZ – OCEAN HUNTER Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists– Fourth Element OceanPositive – Fourth Element – Global Dive – Halcyon Dive Systems – Santi Halcyon NZ – Burnsco – Burnsco – Dive Signs – – – – Eddie Van Halen HowardVictor Costantino Anderlini from the Island Bay Marine Education Centre – EEZYCUT
Also a huge thanks to the team at the 
Freyberg Pool & Fitness Centrefor the use of their carparks for our teams – again – many thanks team.


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