The 2013 Brothers Race proved to be one out of the box with champagne sailing conditions in the Cook Stait and plenty of tactics all the way there and back. The Race started at 0800 hours in a light southerly with a heavy overcast sky. With 13 starters (and finishers), the race was one of the best of the season so far (with more yet to come!).

Montego Bay III and Midnight Express earned some serious street cred sailing two handed while the rest of the fleet was fully crewed. Montego Bay III got a great start edging her way to Kau Bay. Blink rolled out her code zero and being on the edge of the Oriental Bay breeze line (or lack thereof if you were too close to bikini or mankini spotting on the beach) made headway to Kau Bay in hot pursuit of Ran Tan with Revs and Wedgetail not too far behind.

Some of the fleet ended up in the Oriental Bay parking lot. As the wind eventually spilled in, the fleet sailed to Kau Bay and tacked their way to Moaning Minnie. Roger Foley from the racing yacht Wai-Aniwa said the tail end of the fleet had as much hard-out sailing as the front. Gucci took a zig-zag line to creep around the western shore out of the tide while Wai-Aniwa sparred with Vendetta, Montego Bay III and Midnight Express. Meanwhile Blue Magic crept quietly but industriously towards Kau Bay to sneak forward in the calm conditions

Revs and Wedgetail had a duel all the way to Moaning Minnie. Ran Tan II and the cruising yacht Blink did the same at the front of the fleet with close crossings at Seatoun. Nedax rolled out one of her several outfits of code zeros and maintained good speeds sparring with the Guarantee. Nedax moved to sixth place out of the harbour.

Gucci had a tremendous romp through the rips with her red kite out between Sinclair and Karori to climb higher in the stakes. Most of the fleet deployed gennakers and spinnakers just after Thoms Rock to sail to The Brothers.

The rest of the race was a game of tactics and playing chicken with the tides to get back to Welly Harbour and home in time to watch the fireworks for Guy Fawkes night. Prime Mover had a glamour run back to Karori Light showing up close to Nedax and bringing much consternation and discussion of “Where did they come from?”. A glamour kite ride back to the finish line (with a quick change of sails from kites to gibs) to finish at Pt Halswell in lieu of the Guy Fawkes festivities taking place.

Blink took line honours on her inaugural offshore with her designer Rob Shaw on board. Ran Tan II second and Wedgetail 3rd. On provisional figures, Wai-Aniwa took first on Club and first on PHRF.



The Blink team have posted photos and video on their blog. If other RPNYC members have more photos and video, please send them in to RPNYC.


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