Caniwi proves her worth


Caniwi in action Saturday

On Saturday Jim Gordon and Anna Sisley on shore spotted a swamped Dragon boat with the crew in the water. There was no bat signal available for Jim to activate but the next best was alerted. Kate Beckett, Shayne Priddle and Paul Rutherford sprang into action, Kate at the helm. They were first on the scene with Caniwi, bringing out around 20 of the crew, some hypothermic. Julie Bate took them back to the Clubhouse for showers and hot drinks and tablecloths (for blankets) supplied by Black and Gold staff. The police launch took the swamped boat in tow. Well done to all!

Caniwi was just received a full refurbishment and is in top order for such work. We must again acknowledge the sponsorship of Caniwi Capital which made it possible, not only to support our passion for racing in Club and Inter-club events, but for being able to help others when the pursuit of their passion for the water goes awry.…/caniwi-capital-partners-ltd-sponsor…/

This morning we received this email:

During the 2km Round the Fountain race, our boat was swamped and we all ended up in the water. Thankfully one of the RPNYC boats was nearby and came to our rescue. The team were fantastic, they threw a line to our boat, then calmly pulled half the team into the boat. We were ferried back to your club house for warm showers, which were vital for a couple of crew members who’d started to get very cold.

My daughter was in another boat which had also sunk, so I ran back to the lagoon to check on her. This meant that I didn’t get a chance to thank your team properly, so THANK YOU! We are very grateful for the calm and immediate response to our situation.

Thank you again,

Amanda Shrapnell


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