Board Update – September


Board Talk

The Board had their monthly meeting on Monday. The ongoing finances of the club are in a good place. We are still on track with the funding of our Earthquake Strengthening work with a couple of key grant applications yet to land.  The work on Caniwi/Te Ruru continues – keep your eyes on the website and Facebook for updates.  Around the Club; Wellington Hospitality Group lease has been renewed, work on the External Awning will take place in October, and the full waterproofing of the Coene’s deck will wait for warmer weather.  The agreement we have with Black & Gold for our food and beverage services will be coming up for re-negotiation soon.  We are mindful of all the feedback we have received in this space and will work hard to address the issues raised.

Significant behind-the-scenes work has been done on how we communicate with members.  You will have seen Signals Ashore (our weekly update) – readership of this is well up on our previous weekly ENews.  This monthly newsletter is intended to be a more detailed update and Club news. We are still pushing to utilise the website better and promote events through social media.  Please keep your feedback on the communications coming.  We want to be getting the right information to the right people.

Lastly keep your eyes out for a new Billboard/Signage at the front of the Club aimed at raising the profile of the Yacht Club and what it offers.


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