Atalanta is coming back to Wellington


The Wellington Classic Yacht Trust is proud to announce an exciting addition to it’s fleet.¬†Julian Matson has donated the Atalanta (you might recognise her picture engraved on the Mills-Askew trophy) to the trust.


Atalanta has a long and proud history in Wellington waters. Atalanta, or “Attie” as she is affectionately known, was launched in Auckland, 7th May 1894. She was built at the yard of Charles Jr. and Walter Bailey.

Atalanta vital statistics:

Centreboarder with a lead keel (two tons) shoe
LOA 40′
LWL 27′
Beam 9′, 6″
Draught 3′ (centreboard raised), 5′ (centreboard down)

Find out more about Atalanta here


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