Latitude race rescheduled!


With this year’s Latitude race being abandoned due to weather, we have rescheduled the race for Saturday 14 January 2017. Last year’s was a great success with 11 boats competing, and we’d love to see even more boats on the water this time. Hopefully the later date will help provide the settled conditions the race needs.

What you need to know

  • Coastal day race, with yachts sailing different course lengths depending on their handicaps
  • Estimated duration of six hours
  • Safety category 3 or 4, with category 3 boats being allowed to sail in heavier weather
  • No entry fee for yacht in the Offshore series or that have entered the entire inshore season
  • Online crew list required

The details

The Latitude race is a little different to most races. Instead of yachts sailing the same course, each yacht sails a different course, with the course distance determined by the yacht’s handicap, the faster the yacht, the longer the course. Each yacht will be assigned a latitude which they must cross, and they can cross the latitude anywhere they like. The first boat to finish wins.

Yachts need to be at least safety category 4 in order to compete. Boats in the Offshore series will need to be at safety category 3, and will be allowed to sail in high wind conditions that the category 4 boats.

There is no entry fee for yachts in Offshore series, and for yachts that have entered for the entire inshore season. Other yachts will need to enter the races separately here. All yachts will need to provide us with a crew list. If you haven’t provided us with an online crew list before, please email Pedro Morgan for assistance.



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