2015 Kapiti-Chetwodes Offshore Race


After a short postponement the 2015 Kapiti Chetwodes race got underway at 0630 Friday 6 February. Keep watch here for updates as the race progresses.

8 Boats entered:  Blink, Gucci, Illusions, Montego Bay 111, Prime Mover, Revs, The Guarantee and Wedgetail.

Updates and photos posted here throughout the race.

Update 2125: Revs, Gucci, Montego Bay III, and The Guarantee have all withdrawn. All boats have now finished or withdrawn.

Map of first and second sched positions:


Update 2000: Tonights radio sched positions from Maritime Ops as at 1830:

Blink: Finished
Gucci: 40 52S, 174 07E (Comment: ETA 4-5 hours weather dependent)
Illusions: 40 51.8S 174 19.0E
Montego Bay 111: 40 52.5S 174 05.8E
Prime Mover: Withdrawn
Revs: 40 59.0S 174 18.3E (Comment: Just north of Cape Jackson, eta Endeavour Inlet 30-60 mins)
The Guarantee: 40 55.44S 174 04.82E
Wedgetail: 41 04.2S 174 17.8E )Comment: 2 nm to finish)

Update at 1850: New race record set by Blink – 11 hours, 41 mins, 42 seconds. 10mins taken off the old Starlight Express record set in the 1999-2000 season.

Update at 1430 First boat round the Chetwodes – must be Blink?

Update at 1315 AIS tracker has both Wedgetail and The Guarantee around Kapiti and heading for the Chetwodes – Wedgetail doing 10.4 knots and The GT doing 8.8 knots.


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